「Global Conference 2020」 REGISTRATION


Application Information

The Connect 2020 event is an online event that connects Square Bridge Studios in Incheon’s Songdo Startup Park with global participants. In a world where much has changed due to Covid-19, this is an effort to find a new path for the startup ecosystem.

We are looking for new ways to foster and promote global solidarity in the changing environment with the participation of ecosystem experts who develop startups, invest, foster startup ecosystems, and accelerate innovation in the world.

The Connect 2020 will be broadcast live on YouTube, however 100 people will be chosen to attend the conference in one place to meet the presenters and ask questions.

The Connect 2020: Participate in the first event of Global Startup Alliance.live to be involved in the restoration of the startup ecosystem.

※ Participants selected as the online audience for The Connect 2020 will receive a small souvenir and we may collect personal information for this purpose. In addition, there will be a separate guide to participating in the online conference.